Corey Gates

Corey Gates Tattoo

My sleeve is exaclty how I wanted it! I went in with an idea in my head and Amber made it come to life!!! Love it and her and can’t wait to finish it! She is absolutely the best hands down!!


Maryann Tattoo

Amber does awesome work!!! She has done 5 tattoos for me, 3 origanals, 1 coverup and 1 touch up and color to an old tattoo I had. Anytime someone talks about getting a tattoo I alway recomend they go to Amber to get the best tattoo.

Phillip Rivera


I absolutely love my tattoo! Amber made my first experienced getting inked amazing. Her color work is by far the best. She made me feel so comfortable. One artist that you can plainly see how humble she is about her work! I can’t wait for my next one!!!

James Metcalf


Amber has done my only two tattoos and I can’t imagine going to anyone else. Her work is great and I look forward to having some more tattoos in the near future

Greg Vanover

Greg Vanover Tattoo

Amber is AMAZABALLS. You can give her an idea and the end result is above and beyond your expectations. I look forward to my next visit. She’s super sweet to boot. I’d marry her..if I liked girls.


Love my half sleeve of my Phoenix bird, I have gotten so many compliments. Amber you do awesome work and can’t wait to come in for my next tattoo.

Brian Hammett

Music Tattoo Headphones Microphone Piano

Amber gave me my first tattoo a few years ago. I was impressed by her professionalism and artistic talent. I would recommend Amber to anyone looking for their first tattoo, or 7th. I am looking forward to her giving me my next one soon.

Tiffany Souder

Tiffany Souder Bananafish Tattoo Parlour

Ever since I went to Amber a few years ago for some leaves behind my ears, I haven’t gone to anyone else.  Then when I made the decision to cover up a horrible tattoo on my foot, I knew she’d be able to cover it with something beautiful, and she did just that! I now have an awesome mandala and no sign of anything underneath. Plus, it has no sign of being a coverup. She’s absolutely amazing.

Amanda Martinez

Amber has done 2 out of 4 of my tattoos and 2 years later they look just like I got them. Not only is her work awesome, her personality is as well. We’d never spoken before, but we got on like we’d been friends forever. She always makes sure to go over aftercare and sterilization procedures. She’s just an all around awesome person. Amber is the only tattoo artist I will ever go to again. You can’t go wrong going to Bananafish Parlour.

CJ Anderson

Amber is the only tattoo artist that has worked on me for good reason. And that reason is, she’s amazing. I have never been anything but 200% satisfied with her work. She knows what she’s doing and she knows how to see the vision people give her. I could never be happier with my work. Thank you amber for always giving me 200%!!! You are nothing short of amazingggg!!



One of my favorite tattoos I have was done by Amber 3 years ago. As the years have passed this tattoo has grown to mean even more to me, symbolizing my love for the story of Harry Potter. I get compliments on this tattoo almost daily. I can’t wait to get more!!



Amber has done all of my work so far and I’m extremely happy with every tattoo. Any future work I plan to get done, I’m bringing to her. She does great work for a really fair price. I come to her with a simple idea, and end up with something so much better. Honestly, I never know what to expect when I come in to get my tattoo done, but I always leave happy.

Robby Hughes

Robby Hughes Tattoo

It was about four years of searching for an amazing artist, then I found ms banannafish. Her work is magnicifient bright and wonderful. My favourite thing is when she serenades me while tattooing. She’s a wonderful person, an amazing artist and I couldn’t imangine having anyone else do my tattoos. I love her and am so proud and happy that she is finally getting her own shop! Prost!

Laura Love

Laura Love Tattoo Amber Bananafish

Amber did a BEAUTIFUL mandala on me about a year ago and the color was perfect! Great line work, great color, and a very professional and wonderful lady! Overall wonderful experience! Congrats on the new shop!

Kari S.

Kari S. Amber Bananafish Tattoo Parlour

Ms. Bananafish is absolutely incredible!!! I had some idea of what i wanted for a big tree back piece, but i was so vague and  didn’t make much sense explaining what i wanted. From all that, amber bananafish somehow figured out exactly what i needed and executed flawlessly!! Its beautiful, its perfect, its exactly what i want to see for the rest of my life. I cant thank her enough for the extraordinary work she did for me.

Kayla Fole

Kayla Fole Day of the Dead Woman Tattoo Bananafish

I can’t express in words how much I love the work Amber has done on me. Amber took my idea and drew up a design that far exceeded my expectations. The work Amber has done on my self and my friends is always beautiful, clean, and are tattoos we will be happy to have and be proud of for the rest of our lives. To top it all off, Amber has to be one of the nicest and funniest people I know, which makes her a joy to work with. I would highly recommend Amber Bananafish to anyone looking for a quality tattoo.

Lindsay Flint


I love Amber!  Great tattoo artist and friend. I will not go to anyone else! I have 10 tattoos from Amber and love them all! My latest tattoo, the watercolor type owl is my favorite one! Amber is really a talented artist and is super friendly and easy to work with! She is always the artistI recommend!

Chrystal Brigman

Chrystal Brigman Turtle Tattoo Amber Bananafish

I absolutely love Amber and her work! She is great! I would and have recommended several people to her. I can’t wait to get my next tattoo 🙂


Dakota Tattoo Amber Bananafish

When I first came to see amber I wanted to commemorate my grandfather and at the same time my son who I did not have the privilege to see.
I am not artistic at all..I had a basic idea of what I wanted and simply told her I wanted something for the two. 3 weeks later I arrived for my first tattoo. Almost 2 years from the date I could not be happier with my leg sleeve.  The colors, the detail, and the meaning to me!! I could not be happier and ask for a better friend/tattoo artist!
Your the best amber and you deserve this!!!!

Jessi Gibson

Jessi Gibson Borderlands Tattoo Bananafish Tattoo Parlour

Her artwork is just like her… Awesome!  I’ve had a few different artist for a couple of my tattoos and I will never go to anyone else but Amber.  She is AMAZING!  I highly recommend her to anyone and everyone!  Thanks Again Amber!!!

Ann Sanders


I just visited Amber last night for my newest, most beautiful tattoo!  She is a great artist who free handed the entire thing.  She is very sweet and friendly and you can tell that she loves what she’s doing!  I’ll definately be going back to see her in the near future!!!

Mandi Adams

Mandi Adams Tattoo by Bananafish Tattoo Parlour

I had been with the same artist for over ten years and I was extremely satisfied. I met Amber and saw one of her Game of Thrones pieces online and had to have it. I am now hooked. The time in the chair flies by, she always makes me feel comfortable and I thoroughly enjoy our random conversations.  If possible I would be in her chair every month.

Kym Hale

Kym Hale Tattoo

Amber is the only person to tattoo me, and WILL BE the only person to do so. I love my side/back piece the most, which was done about 2 years ago. I was extremely anxious about explaining how I wanted it shaped, but she made me feel extremely comfortable and did MORE THAN I COULD EVER WANT. It’s fucking beautiful and I can’t wait to present a new project to this lovely lady 🙂

Lisa Mascio Thompson

I have worked with amber on two different tattoo’s and her professionalism and creativity have shown thru each time! My first piece was a custom design that Amber worked for some time to get it just right for me! She was open to my suggestions, but gave her artistic view as well. My second piece was a coverup and you could never tell!! I highly recommend Amber based on her work, but she is easy on the eyes as well, so that’s a huge plus! 😉

Bradley Kramer

Amber is that shit. You can see from her portfolio that she is an outstanding artist so I’m here to comment on how easy she makes the experience. She makes the time spent being stabbed 50 million times actually fun and I’m a Super Weenie Hut Jr. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere other than The Bananafish Parlour!

Hey, I pride myself on my work, and if you’re extra happy with your work let me know and I’ll put it up on the website!  Don’t forget to include a picture!

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